NEWS – Spring/Summer 2011

September 14 – Begin moving dirt near Hwy #2 on Job #007 

September 11- Begin Mobilization to Job #007 Near Prud’homme Saskatchewan.

September 6 – Substantial Completion awarded @Houghton Lake.

July 25 – Begin Job #008  @ Houghton Lake (Near Lake lenore), 2.3 km road relocation.

July 7 – Awarded a substantial road reconstruction project near the Village of Prud’homme, Saskatchewan for The Ministry of Highways and Transportation.  This job consists of 8.18 km of Upgrade to Secondary Highway #27, 211 000 cubic meters of earth excavation & 30, 000 tonnes of traffic gravel crushed and Stockpiled.  The crushing will be sub-contracted out to a local company as the construction of the highway is expected to begin in Mid July pending the results of other upcoming contracts.

June 30 – Substantial Completion sign off on a Lagoon Expansion and upgrade in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan.  

– CPI was presented with a Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.) in Safety Program Management.

May 28 – Small Team returning to Kerrobert, Sask. to finish all earthworks & commission the new Lagoon Cells.